For nonresident patients

Planning to come to St. Petersburg to have a surgery at Mediesthetik? Contact our administrator by phone +7 (812) 327-20-00

We will help you organize your trip to make you as comfortable as possible. The administrator will help to organize transfer from the airport to the hotel. We take special care of patients who decided to come to St. Petersburg to have surgery in our clinic. So we are constantly building up a base of partners who provide our patients with an interesting and pleasant vacation during rehabilitation in St. Petersburg.

Initial consultation

Our doctors conduct free online consultations specifically for nonresident patients. Contact the receptionist to book an online consultation with the doctor you are interested in. Send your medical records and test results to This will help the doctor to quickly make a decision about the possibility of surgery. After the online consultation, you will receive a plan of the operation and the approximate cost of the work.

Taking tests

You can take tests in any laboratory in your city. We remind you that the results of general and clinical blood tests and general urine tests are valid for 10 days, the results of blood tests for viral hepatitis, HIV, RW — 1 month. Please send your test results to On their basis, doctors and anesthesiologists decide on the possibility of surgery.

Appointment for the procedure

In case you make a positive decision to come to Mediesthetik, the administrator will help you to choose a convenient date of arrival and surgery.

Period of stay in St. Petersburg

Depending on the complexity of the operation, a non-resident patient will need to spend from 3 to 10 days in St. Petersburg. During this period, the patient undergoes a face-to-face consultation with the surgeon and anesthesiologist, the operation itself, postoperative consultation, discharge from the clinic, examinations, dressings and, if desired, rehabilitation procedures. Usually the next day after the operation, the patient can leave the clinic and return to their hotel to enjoy their stay in the northern capital of Russia.

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